I first became aware that I was psychic about 30 years ago when I would know about things that had happened, or were about to happen to people. I decided to try and understand whether I had a psychic ability and luckily found The College of Psychic Studies, in South Kensington, where I attended a twelve week course. I loved the course and the college and felt that, at last, I could be with like minded people and develop my ability.

It takes many years to train as a psychic medium, which I did at the college, and I have never looked back. I feel honoured and privileged to be able to work with spirit, to use my gift, to give readings and teach at this world renowned college. I also offer readings online.

Over the years, I found that my family and friends would often come to me for advice and support on a variety of issues, so when I wanted a career change, it was an obvious choice to train as a counsellor. I chose an approach that suited me, linking psychology and spirituality and studied for 3 years at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust, to complete a postgraduate diploma in psychosynthesis counselling.  Psychosynthesis counselling looks forward as well as back into your life experiences helping you to understand the meaning of present patterns and situations that are no longer serving you. www.vitacounsellinglondon.co.uk

When I qualified as a counsellor and psychotherapist, many years ago, I found that my psychic mediumship began to change. With the help of spirit, when I’m giving a reading, my psychic mediumship and counselling all work together. This now enables me to give detailed information into life issues, where they originated and to provide understanding, support and a way forward.

I consider this combined approach to my readings and teaching, as spiritual counselling.